Drama/ Action

Half Untold

In 937 BC the great King Solomon is dying as all of Jerusalem awaits his word on who will be his heir. In a last ditch attempt to right a wrong in his past Solomon promises when his bastard son born to the Queen of Sheba is brought before him, he will then announce who shall succeed him. He tasks his First Lieutenant, Jeroboam, to find him and bring him safely home. Menelik, the son of Makeda the Queen of Sheba, is now an adult. Just as he begins to feel truly confident in the realities of his life, he discovers he is the son of a foreign king who is capable of doing great harm to his family. He struggles with his responsibility to his family as his mother and wives harbor secrets of their past.

Gino R. Payne
Mario A. Payne
Mario A. Payne, Gino R. Payne