A Master of Film and Fine Art, Gino Payne spent his 20s working on commercial advertisements and music videos. Many of his first projects after film school music videos for Pastor Troy, The Outlawz, Gucci Man and other. His work won him recognition and a number of A.U.M.A.S awards. He also filmed advertisements for Marco and The Legends Football League Atlanta Steam Franchise. In 2011 he also directed his first feature film, We Was HomeBoyz (2011), Starring Pastor Troy and Shawty Low. His follow-up project, Birds of A Feather where he was Director of Photography served to continue the momentum. That year he worked with Painthall Studios on “Game of Thrones” before returning to Atlanta to work on “The Walking Dead.” In early 2013 Gino Payne joined the Legends Football League (LFL) in Las Vegas where he has been credited for developing it’s “The Story” series into a critically acclaimed sports documentary series. Since a reduced role with the LFL Gino has gone on to be the Technical Director of the Outdoor Channel’s Golden Moose Award, and Produce the infamous Vegas nightlife TV Show “The Damon Elliott Show” seen on CW Network’s MyLVTV. While working with the LFL in Australia he developed several key relationships one of which landed him as the signature Media director for brands such as “GRRRL”. In 2016 Gino teamed with a myriad of talented artist to create the scripted series “Half Untold.” In 2018 “Half UnTold was still in development when the release of “GRRRL: Beauty Is The Beast” landed Gino Payne 6 Telly Award nominations. Gino is currently dedicated to developing compelling content with “360 Films” his independent production house.