Diego Ward was born in Atlanta GA. He is the Great Great Grandson of Charles James Ward Co Founder of the popular Jamaican rum J. Wray Nephew a distiller, blender, and bottler of rum, originating and operating in Jamaica. His father, Dexter Ward was a musician. He was one of the original band members of the hit group Midnight Starr and Climax, so music was always big deal in the household. Diego’s father died at the age of 8yrs old. To help take the attention from his fathers death his aunt ,who was assistant to music mogul L.A. Reid and Kenny ” BabyFace” Edmonds got him into modeling at the age of eight doing print work for Saks Fifth Avenue and Rich’s . Then he went on to study Acting and Theatre, at Alliance Theater in Atlanta ,GA under the helm of Kenny Leon. He has a B.A. degree in Business/ Marketing, plays several instruments ,is a certified audio engineer, holds a black belt in Wing Chun and has studied the likes of Boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jujitsu . He is avidly known for his skills as a Horseman and a Motorcyclist.