At 3FYA, actors, actresses and presenters will refine their craft, learn characters analysis, analyze scripts, record sides and perform in short films & commercials. Cast members will train for all deliverables in pre-production, production and post-production.



At 3FYA, the crew will train for all deliverables in pre-production, production and post-production stages. The crew will develop projects and move them into the festival and film distribution markets all while being mentored by top industry professionals from film, tv and live broadcast.


360 Films Youth Academy (3FYA) is an organization dedicated to discovering, nurturing and promoting young talent within the film industry. The Academy was created to locate, educate, develop and showcase the talents of exceptionally gifted young actors and filmmakers, age 9-20 years old, from around the world. We provide our young filmmakers and actors with the opportunity to train with respected industry professionals and meet with like-minded individuals to write, producer, film and showcase short films. Participants come together for 8 days during the Spring Sessions to learn the basics, then 2 full weeks during the Summer Camp to train in their respective fields allowing them to develop and produce a short film.  Applications are accepted only through our website. Select applicants will go through an audition and/or interview process.  Once accepted, successful applicants are invited to attend a Spring Session and Summer Camp held in Las Vegas, NV which includes masterclasses from experts within the industry. Industry presenters, speakers and production companies will provide a detailed report for parents on each participant.   

Why 360 Films Youth Academy

360 Films Youth Academy is a hands on learning environment that allows students to build their portfolios and network while they grow with an ever changing industry.  3FYA students must enter the academy at a skill level that allows us to place them on real film sets with industry professionals. Thus, our students are filming and acting while other schools are sitting in classrooms. 3FYA students will shoot shorts films and commercials, receive credit on SAG-ULB projects and IMDB, and attend subsequent premieres. Throughout this process, they will work along side award winning cast and crew members from respected industry projects like Game of Thrones, Bumblebee NHL Hockey and the NFL.

Application Process

Applications are accepted only on our website through the online application form. Application fee is $2.  Applicants are encouraged to provide as much information in their application as necessary to illustrate their knowledge, training and experience in their respective fields. 

Common items included in the application process are:

1.) Links to films, scripts, IMDB resumes, personal websites.

2.) Uploads of BTS photos and scripts.

3.) Mentions of film productions, festivals invites, film contest and school programs.

Applicants are evaluated based on the following three categories:

·       prior knowledge

·       training

·       experience

·       how each applicant fit into each production slated for the semester. 

Once the application is submitted, applicants will receive an automated confirmation email. Processing and review is generally completed within 14 days of submission however, times vary based on the volume of submissions. Within 30 days, select applicants will be scheduled for an in-person or live-video interview with the producer(s) of 3FYA. This interview is to further evaluate the applicant’s ability to fit into the slated academy. Applicants should expect to answer questions related to their skill set(s) and perform auditioning material if applicable.  After the interview, select applicants will receive an Acceptance Letter inviting them to join the academy for the upcoming semester.  




3FYA Spring Sessions
Dates: April 13, 20th 27th, May 4th, 11, 18th 25th June 1st (Saturday Mornings) 10am -12 noon.

Sessions are typically 120 minutes unless otherwise noted.  


3FYA Summer Camp
Dates: June 3rd – 14 (Monday – Friday) 9am – 3pm

Sessions are typically 6hrs unless otherwise noted.  



3FYA class is held in 360 Films TV broadcast studio at 101 Convention Center Dr. Las Vegas NV, 89109. When our students learn in a film studio, this helps them to reduce stage fright while learning the etiquette and common practices of an active film environment. Location varies for each session based on Live studio visit and if the students have begun filming their end of year film project.


After receiving an Acceptance Letter, applicants/guardians will have 45 days to submit tuition payment for the Spring Session. Only students who attend Spring Session are invited to Summer Camp. Tuition can be paid via our payment portal on our website or via check. 

Spring Sessions: $60/per class (paid weekly); or $50/per class ($400.00 paid all at once). 

Summer Camp: $1000 for the 2 weeks. (No per day rate available)