Get ready for a cinematic experience like no other with the upcoming independent horror/thriller film, ‘Goon of The Lagoon. Produced by 360 Films, MYTe Vision, and Onyx Keesha Films, this highly anticipated movie promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish. With an intriguing script, a talented cast, and a captivating setting, Goon of The Lagoon is set to be a must-watch film for horror enthusiasts.

The story unfolds over the course of 12 tantalizing hours, immersing viewers in a gripping narrative that will leave them gasping for breath. The film introduces the multi-talented Jenna Karan, a little-known actress hailing from Palo Alto, California, in the leading role of ‘Mia’. Jenna, who has garnered attention through her YouTube channel “Jenna ASMR,” where she showcases her talents in ASMR and drawing videos; is set to brings her raw talent and emotional depth to the character of ‘Mia’ in her first leading role on a feature. The character ‘Mia’ finds herself on vacation in an environment that triggers her recent emotional trauma, setting the stage for a spine-chilling and psychologically intense journey.

“I admired the growth Mia has from a girl struggling to recover after a traumatic loss, to a girl willing to face […] that trauma in order to save the ones she loves.” – Jenna Karan

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Joining Jenna Karan is rising star Leah Eckardt, an actress and streaming creator who will take on the role of Sabrina. Sabrina is said to be a character whose behavior is sure to drive contrasting emotions from viewers. Producer Mario Payne said in an interview of Leah’s role as Sabrina,  “There isn’t  an actor in this film who will have a heavier workload when you consider what’s needed before we get to set, what’s needed before she’s ready to perform each day and what’s required for some of the action sequences.” Leah, a graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, has gained notoriety through her YouTube channel, where she shares her experiences as a working actress and content creator. The Minnesota native now makes her home in New York after moving to attend the Conservatory for an experience that would be interrupted by the 2020 COVID crisis. After finding both success and close friends she has decided to continue her film journey in New York.  Producer Gino Payne has praised Leah’s interpretation of her character, ‘Sabrina’, as “completely original and something she created all on her own.” With her multifaceted talent, Leah promises to deliver a performance that will leave viewers emotionally captivated.

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“There’s something so powerful about feminine villains. it’s an honor to be cast in a role where I can explore both how vulnerable and how terrifying someone can be.”

 – Leah Eckardt

Tori Ellis, who is recently featured in the film The Devil’s Door (2022) on various streaming platforms, also joins the cast of Goon of The Lagoon. Tori, reunites with fellow Goon of The Lagoon cast member Dawson Mullen, whom she’s previously worked with. With little being revealed about the script from the producers other than brief character descriptions, the descriptions of Vicki suggest she will be a major contributor to the “seduction” described in the film’s synopsis. Tori an actor since 17 years old, is seemingly an even more accomplished model with publication in several domestic magazines and other recognizable fashion brands and ads.

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“Honestly it’s an exciting but nerve-racking feeling each day we get closer to being on set and being in that environment .It’s like going on a vacation; you’re so excited and can’t wait for those day to come and when you’re there you never want it to end. That’s how I know I’m doing what I love ; I am right where I’m supposed to be. Also, I’m so excited to bring Vicki to life and see everyone and everything in general that we all have prepared and work so hard for, come together. I know that this is going to be something amazing!

– Tori Ellis 

Dawson Mullen

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Rene Ponce

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The aforementioned Dawson Mullen plays the role of Kai, Mia’s boyfriend. With his role in The Razing and multiple short films, Dawson is quickly becoming known for his unique subtleties during acting performances. Director Gino Payne said in a podcast “Kai is key to the ever growing conflict in this film.” The Las Vegas based actor is the definition of tall, dark and handsome with the talent that makes him destined to become a star. 

Rene Pedro Ponce, a relatively unknown actor, surprised the producers during auditions and earned a significant role in the film. His audition was so remarkable that the role was rewritten to better suit his unique talents and presence on screen. Rene, based in Miami, Florida has honed his acting skill at Universal Acting Performance Art School where he enjoys improv acting and other acting techniques. Rene’s addition to the cast comes in the role of Angel, A full throttle party animal who is paired with Vicki!

Finally, veteran actor Greg Dorchak rounds out the main cast. With an impressive resume that includes appearances in the FOX series “Prison Break,” the Ice Cube film The Longshot, and popular TV series like Longmire and Kopy Kings, Dorchak brings a wealth of experience and skill to his role in the film. His award-winning talent guarantees a standout performance that will elevate the entire cast. Like the others, not much is known about the role he will play in the film beyond what is listed on the film’s IMDb where he is playing the role of “Mr Leonard.” Greg doesn’t fit the cast type of college spring break goers so we will have to wait and see exactly what he will add to this film.



Directed by 360 Films’s, Gino Payne Goon of The Lagoon is helmed by a team of talented producers: Mario Payne, Devin Tear, Onyx Keesha, and Marguerite Brathwaite. The film is set to begin production in September 2023, with principal photography taking place in the picturesque location of Ozark, Missouri. This scenic backdrop will serve as the perfect setting for the suspenseful and mysterious events that unfold throughout the film. 

Distribution for the film is not yet finalized although this follows the path of previous 360 Films features which all found distribution on major platforms after the film was completed. Previous films have been placed on popular platforms; AppleTV+ and Amazon Video. 

As the anticipation builds, fans can mark their calendars for the summer of 2024, when the film is expected to hit streaming platforms. With its stimulating script, a cast of talented and visually stunning actors, and the creative vision of the veteran production team, this independent horror/thriller promises to be an unforgettable cinematic experience that will keep audiences enthralled from start to finish. Prepare to be captivated by the gripping tale of “Goon of The Lagoon” and immerse yourself in a world of fear, suspense, and sheer terror.